Transformation Through God’s Love

By | April 27, 2017

Hello my name is Konlan, and I would like to share about the transformation I had through God’s love. Before my transformation through God’s love, I had no idea about what God through Jesus Christ had done for me. I live a life of recklessness and hopelessness.

Exactly three years ago, I was very popular in almost all the drinking pubs in my locality. No hour passed without me getting drunk. This drunkenness led me to do all sort of shameful things such as abusing people around me. I became violent and could hardly live an hour without tasting alcohol. From alcohol, I graduated to smoking marijuana which further escalated my abusive tendencies.

As if this was not enough, I was an adept fornicator and abused my young women I could have access to. I boasted a lot about this to my friends and became known as the number one social misfit in my neighborhood, a real terror to reckon with.

My life however took a turn, a good turn when I was introduced to Jesus and what he did on the cross for me. The message of salvation, when I first heard shook me to the core as the reality of the life I was living dawned on me. I realized that God loved me so much despite me sinful life and he wanted me to turn to him so that he could make me a new being again. Though I did not understand everything at first, the message lead to my transformation bringing to light the true nature of the love God has for me.

To the glory of God, I now say that my life has not only seen a transformation but has also served as a testimony of God’s goodness to me. It’s been two years now since I came to know Christ and a lot has taken place in my life; I now save more than I used to, I have stopped drinking and all its associated misshapes. Finding a job these days is really a challenge but God has given me such Grace that I have been gainfully employed and even pass on jobs to colleagues.

All these transformation would not have been possible without the sacrifice of Christ on the cross which was God’s love for us and me.


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very inspiring, I think this will touch other lives for God