The Lord Our Banner

By | April 20, 2017

The underlying factor of mans’ problems, and more so the Christian today is taking our eyes of the Lord. God is our only source of victory in this world, and the only way we can be victorious and remain victorious is by keeping our eyes glued to him. Whether the world agrees or not, God has supplied us with total victory in Christ Jesus and it is only by keeping our eyes glued to him will our salvation be made real to us. He is the banner God has lifted for us, and thus we must keep our eyes glued to him.

The name Jesus means salvation, and encompasses our redemption, health, wealth, peace, joy and all of God’s provision for us.

In Exodus 17:8-13, the bible tells us how victorious we can be by keeping our eyes on Jesus.

The Amalekites attacked Israel at Rephidim and Israel had to stand up to them. They had just come out of Egypt, had no formal military, hence where just crude soldiers ready to defend themselves or the entire nation perishes. But something tremendous happened. Moses after consulting God asked Joshua to rally the Israelites for battle. Whiles he went and stood on the mountain with the staff of God in his hand.

Verse 11 tells us that “as long as Moses held up the staff with his hands, the Israelites had the upper hand, but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites gained the upper hand”

What actually happened? Well I believe the Israelites won the battle because they always looked at Moses’ staff raised high and whenever Moses lowered the staff, they panicked and the tide shifted against them. Also, the raised staff was God’s supernatural hand which ensured victory for the Israelites, it was God’s banner, a picture of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross.

What this signifies is that whenever we look up to the cross, we become victorious but whenever we take our eyes of the cross, we lose our life’s essence and hence gets trampled upon by life’s challenges.

Jesus Christ is the staff of God, the banner raised high for us by God himself, and he says look up to him for your life is dependent on his sacrifice. Just like Moses in verse 12 we may grow tired and weak, overwhelmed by challenges but we must persist and keep our eyes glued to Christ, we must persist and continue to lift his name high above all, for at the mention of his name, every tongue confesses and every knee shall bow.

Every challenge would bow whenever we lift the name of Jesus high, and when we continue to keep our eyes glued to him.

After the battle, the bible tells us that Moses built an altar there and called it “THE LORD IS MY BANNER”.  Just like the Israelites, every believer should have this in mind that Jesus is the banner we must look at.  JESUS CHRIST IS MY BANNER; I don’t know of you but if he is say so.

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