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Relationship/marriage is very important in every society including that of the christian society.

it is through this institution that the human race is maintained and established in several ways. love is a beautiful thing but when abused, it becomes very terrible.

the reason of this page is to share insightful lessons and views on how to enjoy a fruitful relationship/ marriage life as a christian and for the world at large.

all views expressed here may not be satisfactory to all readers but my point is to give an honest perspective of the subject of discussion, hence am open to any criticisms, suggestions and contributions.

when your views add up to this medium, i believe we can influence our societies to enjoy a fruitful relationship/marriage every day.


Relationship are very important in our lives. Currently the world is concerned about relationships. Relationships at work, with family, with friends and with the opposite sex, relationships with the opposite sex being the most agonized over. Christians being human also find themselves agonizing over relationships and falling into the same traps as the world. Today… Read More »