How To Raise Godly Children Today-4 Ways

By | May 13, 2017

Raising Godly children in an ungodly world is the title of the book by Ken and Steve Ham. This book really gave me the inspiration to write this post. The topic may seem impossible for many but that is not the case.

Children are a gift from God and as such should be raised according to the will of God. The world today has seen an unprecedented increase in crime rates. According to the US office of juvenile and delinquency prevention, cases of child crime has seen an appreciable increase of 13% in the last decade. The daily mail also reported of such an increase.

This clearly shows that the situation is getting out of hand and if care is not taken, the world as we know it would be turned upside down faster than expected. However, the only way out of this problem is to enforce a Godly character in our children, and this starts right from home.

So how do we raise Godly children today? It may seem easier than you expected. The first point is for:

Godly Children

  1. Parents to Be an Example To their Children: as Christian parents, you are role models to your children and must behave as such. God gave you children to raise them in his image and likeness, and the only way this can happen is when they are exposed to such behaviors. The truth is that you are the God the children see every day in their life and as such you must demonstrate that godlike attitude in whatever you do so that the children can immolate as they grow up. This means that you must have a character worth emulating, a character modeled like that of the Lord. Let’s not forget that children are very observant and learn quickly at earlier stages of their life so they can copy the way you behave; whether in speech or actions.  Setting a good precedence by way of living a Godly life style is a legacy for your children to be raised in the Lord.


  1. Teach them the Word of God: the word of God is very is what our lives revolve around. Without the word nothing exists, nothing can be changed. The word of God should be the life line in your home every day. Get the word to your children through stories or bible readings and movies. Also make it a habit to hold daily devotions where you study the bible with your kids so as to teach your children the word of God. The word has the power to transform any life so never hesitate to do this. To make this very effective, parent must continually seek for more knowledge in the word of God so that you can answer any questions they may throw at you.


  1. Discipline Your Children at Home: the mention of discipline sends people raising eyebrows today but the bible is very clear when it comes to discipline. This misunderstand comes as a result of the limited understanding people have when it comes to discipline. The bible teaches that discipline is meant to correct and strengthen at the same time, it has no ill will to it but rather it is an act of love towards your children.


  1. Encourage Them to Speak about their faith: encouraging children to speak about their faith gives you the parent room to answer their questions whether they are fears they entertain and encourage them when it comes to an expression of hope.


The bottom line is that the “world” is competing with you when it comes to raising your children, a lot of bad influences are going on and this is showing off in our societies today. If we don’t act now by raising Godly children in our families as Christians, the world would raise ungodly children for us.

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