About Us

Hello and Welcome to Wetestifyforchrist.com. Here, we discuss issues and pertaining to scriptures, christian marriage and christian parenting.

The site is an extension of friends of Jesus Christ, which is an evangelical movement aimed at spreading and promoting the goodness of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and as such, our goal here is to is to promote the gospel to the world, as well as providing faith and encouragement to Christians out there.

The christian marriage and christian parenting pages seeks to provide; for a lack of better words, insightful guidance and counselling in these topic.

we will try to put scriptural references to every post we put out there, but in cases you don’t see any scriptural reference, please do well to alert us in your comments for other readers to benefit.

we also encourage readers who are interested, to submit to us a testimony they would love to share with the world. every testimony submitted would be reviewed and necessary formatting applied before it is posted on the blog.

you are free to submit as many testimonies as you would like and you also choose whether to use your real name or an alias.

your post can be of any length. ideally 300 words or more but if it is shorter, we will add it to other post to get the actual word count.

with all this in mind, we plan to make this blog very relevant to the Christian life, but that is not to say we know it all. we have got some insight and perspectives base on biblical truths but yours is equally important and would contribute tremendously in meeting our mandate. this blog is nothing without people like you posting and sharing your thoughts with us and also sharing out content with the world

For more about us, and to contribute to this mission, you can join us at our Facebook page at @jesuschristinow.

For further follow ups, you can also reach as at samuelkonadu90@gmail.com.