14 Myths about Parenting Today Every Christian Should Know

By | May 9, 2017

Parenting today is not as it was a decade ago. Every elderly parent everywhere would attest to this. Many have accounted these changes to new trends in society such as the busy life a technological age brings along. But the factors vary; some being very profound and based on key principles whiles majority are due to myths that surround us and have emerged over the years.

Most of these myths have been in existence for so long that they have become practical truth which has bedeviled many parents worldwide, committing them to make dire mistakes which have stood against generations, hindering progress and promoting most of the social mayhem we now experience in the world today.

The family system is very dear to God that is why he asked man to procreate and multiple. The family is a powerful entity which when well bonded can achieve greater heights. The devil very well knows of this and has thus set off to destroy families from generations past which have taken a toll on parenting today as well.

In my bid to demystify some of these untold lies of parenting which have found its way to our societies, I will discuss 14 myths of parenting in our society today and give a clear and concise truth to the whole matter by making references to scriptures as much as I can. I might not say it all and you are welcome to give your opinion.

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  1. Don’t spank your child
  2. Your baby has his own mindset at the age of three
  3. Parents should not be over protective of their children
  4. Parents should never tell their kids No
  5. Good parenting today is about good strategies
  6. My child would follow the Lord when he is in a perfect environment
  7. My children would automatically follow the Lord since I am already a Christian
  8. How my kid turns out to be all rest on the parent
  9. I have to be a perfect Christian before I can disciple my children
  10. My child is a blank slate for me to fill
  11. The first years of parenting is to take care of your child physically
  12. I can protect my child from the sinful nature of this world
  13. Taking my child to church every Sunday means my child is safe from the sinful nature of the world.
  14. Once my son is in a Christian community or environment, he is safe from bad influence


  1. The issue about whether parents should spank their children when they do wrong is widely discussed worldwide. While some hold the view that spanking is an abuse of the child, others also see spanking as a necessity in order to correct the child. Well what does the bible say? The bible tells us in proverbs 13:24 that “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes” KJV. Disciplining your child is very profound if you really want to see your child grow to become the man or woman you envision him or her to become. It is through discipline that you can shape your child, without discipline your child would grow to become your west night mare. Remember the saying, you reap what you sow


  1. Your child does not have his own mindset at age three, No, not even throughout adolescent. Whatever mindset your child develops is solely up to you. Again proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go,
    And when he is old he will not depart from it.” So you see, you call the shots. And as a Christian, you know your child should grow with bible principles and nothing else


  1. Over protective? I really don’t know what over protective stands for, but what I do know is that children are a gift from God to us and God expects us to take good care of our kids. If God who is our heavenly father protects us from all harm, why shouldn’t we protect what he has entrusted to us? That desire to always protect and shield your child from harm’s way is not wrong but just a demonstration of the love God has placed in your heart to cater for the child he has entrusted to you.


  1. 1 Corinthian 10:23 says “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.” So you see, not all things are good for your child. It may be good for someone else but if it is not good for your child, say an emphatic NO to him.


  1. Good parenting today is definitely not about good strategies and it never was. As a Christian, your only real guide to raising your child is the Holy Bible. God has given us so much insight as to how we can raise our children according to his perfect will. All the principles spelt out in scriptures or we to nurture our children are very fundamental if we want our children to be who God has destined them to be. You don’t need any worldly view on this matter, the word of God tells you all you need to know.


  1. There is nothing like a perfect environment. And even if there is, it does not guarantee that your child would follow the Lord. The only way you can get your child to follow the Lord is to shepherd and disciple him. Teach your child the word of God, get him to read at least a verse a day, tell your child stories from the bible, about God’s love and above all pray for your child every day. This is very important because you will not always have him around you, others would influence him along the way and it is only your prayers that would guarantee that God keep him safe from evil.


  1. This is true but you are not only responsible to your children alone but to others as well. As you teach your child about the word of God, and also pray for him, also think of other children elsewhere who don’t have such an opportunity. Hence you are also called as a Christian parent to intercede for all children all over the world.


  1. It is never up to you alone to raise your child. No one can really do it all alone. You first of all need the counsel of the Lord then other guidance from other Christian mothers. However note that any ideas given to you must not be in deviation to the word of God.


  1. None of us is perfect. Thus you should not wait to be perfect before you start to shepherd your child. The God news is that we have got Jesus Christ who is our perfect brother and is always with us to teach us all things. Have faith in God and start to disciple and shepherd your child with the little you know. To grow in maturity and know more, you must always study and meditate upon the word of God. It is the only way to perfection and knowledge.


  1. Your child is never a blank slate or ignorant as he may seem to be. There are a lot of influences going on around us today like no other age and right in our homes to school; our children are faced with diverse influences which you need to counter with godly parenting today.


  1. There is nothing like to early to start to teach your child about the Lord and nothing about it being too late. Unless off course there is a case of death. However, I think when you start building your child spiritually alongside his physical development; it becomes a perfect combination which would see the child grow strong in the Lord.


  1. No, you cannot protect your child from the sins or negative influences of this world alone. It is only by the grace of God that we all fare well in world today. The same applies to parenting today; you need God’s grace to see your child grow without any corruption, so never think you can tackle this matter all alone.



  1. Taking your child to church every Sunday does not cover the entire basis. You still have a major role to play at home; that is continuing with mentoring your child at home.


  1. Your child can be influenced negatively even in a Christian environment or community. Is not everyone you can trust as a true Christian, hence you should be careful who you leave your child with. It is only God who can take care of your child not another any man. We are all not perfect remember?


I certainly have not presented all the myths and truths surrounding parenting today in the Christian cycles and the world at large, but it my hope that these few would serve you well by way of informing you on the right thing. I stand to be corrected as well and will welcome any suggestions and contributions by way of commenting.

God Bless You.

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